According to leading technology analysts, There is an - ^ Upward Trend in Digitalizing Business ^ Expansion of Cloud computing - BigData Analytics - Internet of Things

CIOs facing a huge challenge in order to bring disparate technologies, systems and applications within the organization onto a standard platform so to integrate & automate

On the same side the IT operations within the organizations struggling with problems like -

Huge IT Operations Cost Pressure to automate and integrate solutions to save operation costs

Lack of Standardization Hybrid and disparate IT solutions/platforms

Need of Scalable & High-Available Systems Operations demands systems to be highly scalable & available for business continuity

Redundant / Outdated skills Routine operations demand leave no time for innovation hence the workforce skills get outdated


To keep up with business demands and handle the diversity of technologies and applications, IT AUTOMATION IS RESPONDING WITH NEW OPPORTUNITIES.

  • Adaptation of technologies like Cloud, IOT. BigData in enterprises the demand of Standardized IT Automation has gone up.
  • IT technologies & automation expanded to diverse domains of Education, Telecom, and Healthcare etc.

Rather than spending most of the time with routine operations and learning or managing multiple tools -> Switch to IT Process Automation

Switch to IT Process Automation

  • Flint IT Automation Platform Integrates with IT applications to automate operations & processes
  • Standard APIs takes away the pain of infra/apps management
  • Reduces manual IT operations costs & service delivery time
  • Redirects free staff to focus on innovation

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