I recall the usual scenario in the office as the holiday season approaches. People busy in wrapping up their work, sending the year-end status emails and discussing their holiday plans. With contrast to this, IT staff and support area used to have a slightly different environment. They are preparing for rotational shifts and backup resourcing plans as these are the people responsible for business continuity and need to support customers & business round the year. And I always wonder if we can make this scenario a little better someway !!

With Flint Adaptive IT Automation Platform you can… Flint can help in developing unattended solutions for day-to-day manual tasks that are being currently monitored and performed by IT teams in organizations.

Flint is a revolutionary platform that helps in automating and orchestrating the routine IT operations & activities across IT systems and enterprise applications in-cloud or on-premise.

IT staff can leverage Flint for automating scenarios as below:

  • Automated service management
  • Service monitoring & auto-healing
  • Automation of server restart / shutdown procedures
  • Daily IT maintenance activities Check and clean disk space on servers, Check backup log, Check if file exists, Check email services (POP3/SMTP/IMAP), Free up disk space, Manage/Change service account and credentials, Manage servers and service availability, Troubleshoot system tasks and maintenance work
  • Incident notification and escalations
  • And many more…

So, when your operations run on Flint Adaptive IT Automation Platform and routine IT tasks take care of themselves automatically... This Christmas why not gift your IT team a ‘holiday season’.

Holiday Gift

For more details on Flint Adaptive IT Automation Platform visit www.getflint.io or post us at info@getflint.io Flint is free to use. Download it today!

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